Avenir Nodova : The scholarships of 2019 have been distributed!

Published : 10 septembre 2019
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Avenir Nodova is the organisation we created to finance scholarships for the poorest children from the village our cooperative comes from.

This adventure started in 2012 with 25 scholarship holders. Since then, we tried our best to, first insure we could provide those scholarships every year, and then increase the number of scholarship holders by the time. Since the beginning of 2019, we are happy to count 45 scholarship holders!

In the beginning of this month of September, a new school year started for the children of Ecuador. At this occasion, the school equipment distribution happened in La Calera town hall (the women's cooperative village).

We remind you schooling is free in Ecuador until high school. So our scholarships are no money we would give directly to the families. The money we send is used to purchase school equipment for the children. This equipment is equally distributed to the 45 children.

The equipment includes:

- cloths to sew the school uniforms -mandatory for the children (it is in their tradition for the mother to sew her children's uniforms)
- notebooks
- school books if needed
- class equipment (kit, pencils, ruler, etc.)

Here are several photos of that day of equipment distribution (taken by the women from the cooperative)  :)








Thank you to Susana Fueres for those pictures

But most of all, thank YOU. It it through the sells of our jewellery that we achieve financing this amount of money every year for scholarships. Thank you very much to YOU! :)

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