The Carnival, an important tradition in Ecuador!

Published : 25 février 2020
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Today, we celebrate « Mardi Gras » in France. This famous day is also celebrated in Ecuador. But there, it lasts 4 days and is an important tradition in this country.

Picture source: "Tout Equateur" Blog

The Ecuadorian Carnival, also called « Festejos de Carnaval », comes from Europe. It was originally a pagan agricultural celebration that was then integrated into the Christian calendar.

When Christianism spread in South America, this festival found a familiar echo with local populations, as it was similar to the Andean celebration of “Paucar Huatay”, celebrating the end of the solar year and the coming of Spring.

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The Carnival is an important festival, happy and colourful. Ecuadorians wear masks, music plays everywhere in the cities and people go out to dance and party. Following the city you are in, you will be able to participate to water-balloon battles or shaving cream battles, and also see beautiful parade floats covered by flowers.


Pictures source: "Tout Equateur" Blog

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