NODOVA is now on the Ankorstore online store!

Published : 1 septembre 2020
Categories : Équipe Nodova

Hello everyone,

We decided to work with the Ankorstore website, a place dedicated to professionals and offering different types of products, like clothing, decoration and even food.
It is a convenient way to make simultaneous purchases from various providers.

The advantages for you :

  • Payments at 60 days on any order without cost
  • A simplified ordering and payment process
  • A dedicated customer support
  • 100€ carriage free per brand or 300€ multibrand

Discover our NODOVA shop on Ankorstore

100€ are gifted by Ankorstore for any first order on our shop with the following codes:


It is worth the try, isn't it?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.


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