Thanks to all of you, the scholarships has been financed !

Published : 24 septembre 2020
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Good news: we were able to finance the scholarships in Ecuador!

As many of you, the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down our activity. Not only couldn't we see again the women cooperative in Ecuador and the scholarship holders, but also were our sells badly impacted.

Only through our jewellery's sells, we didn't achieve to reach the minimum threshold of incomes to extract the amount of money necessary for the scholarships.

Each year, we hopefully receive the help of donators, the main one being the Isoris wellness center in Nanteuil, France, which always helped us reach the requisite amount.

But this time, even this help was not enough.

But by the end of July, we got in touch with Ku Croissant, our Japanese client with whom we always kept a friendly and human relationship. While chatting about our respective situations, we talked about the scholarships. By themselves, and at our own surprise, they offered to complete the amount of missing money and ensure the scholarships payment.

The school materiel distribution then happened as it should in the beginning of September for our 45 scholarship holders, and we could not be more happy!

This long message is the opportunity for us to thank each one of you who participate in gathering enough money every year for the children.

Thanks a lot to isoris, Ku Croissant, thank you to all our professional clients, and to each one of you who purchase our creations on our website or in our summer shop. Thank you also to anyone who simply made a donation in the same shop. Each purchase or donation, even the smallest ones, is a stone that participates in building this financial help for the children in Ecuador.

Thank you to all of you from the bottom of our heart!

The NODOVA team

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Maria-Elena MARTIN

02/15/2021 08:29:18

Bonjour Jusqu'à présent , bien que sensible à l'aspect humain ( terme que je préfère à " humanitaire " ) de Nodova , je ne regardais sur le site que ces merveilleux bijoux dont le (la?) tagua , les coloris , et la créativité m'enchantent depuis plusieurs années . Mais aujourd'hui je découvre les femmes et les enfants directement concernés par cet artisanat , et en suis très heureuse . Merci pour votre grande éthique , le respect humain qui y est associé , et le contact téléphonique chaleureux et simple de Cécilia ! Et bravo pour votre site si agréable , et pour la superbe présentation de la collection à venir !