Translating our website in Spanish: a project for the students of Angoulême !

Published : 22 octobre 2019
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This summer, we have been contacted by Pascale Clauzure, Spanish teacher at the University Institute of Technology of Angoulême, in France. She was the Spanish teacher of Dilara Akduz, our super-intern from the beginning of this year. After reading her internship report, Ms Clauzure got a project idea for her students, involving Nodova.

As a Spanish teacher, she is always looking for concret projects for her students, bringing them to rigorously translate texts in Spanish.

Following a long discussion over the phone with her, we brought the idea of translating pages from our website in Spanish. This website is currently fully available in French and English, but we never took the time to do so in Spanish.

At her demand, we provided raw texts in French of the main pages from the website. The students having then to work in groups on the translation of given pages, the result being of course verified and corrected by Ms Clauzure.

Then, we went to meet those students at their University in the beginning of October. This way, we have been able to speak directly to them, presenting our jewellery, the making process, present the women from the cooperative, our organisation, etc.

Her is a picture of this A-Team of translators :

le groupe d'étudiant travaillant actuellement à la traduction de notre site

Obviously, the entire website's translation (including small texts, user interface, buttons, etc.) is not done by this class. All the rest of the translation (and to be honest, the most laborious) and the text integration on the website, will be done by us. The goal here is not to outsource this work to this class, but only to offer a concret work case to those students, so they can learn from it and improve their Spanish skills.

We warmly thank Pascale Clauzure for this offer and the project organising, as well as all the students from the International Trade and Management degree at the University Institute of Technology of Angoulême, who are participating in this translation :

Guillaume ADAM, Soukaina ALLAOUI,Etienne BASSEREAU, Muriel BERRY, Chayma BENMALEK, Medhi BOUAZZA, Joshua CHARLES, Alexandre COVILLERS, Adeline DECOIN, Thomas DELORD, Esther ETIM,María GONZALEZ QUINTERO, Iris MAQUART, Auxane MELIN, Léon MIRC, Flora STEPHAN, Kealoha THIEME

They will all be credited for their work.

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