Dessin d'enfants

During a humanitarian trip in 2009 with kichwa children in the north of Ecuador, Elodie Guillerm – creator of the ethical brand NODOVA – met women living in an Andean community. With the objective of getting scholarship’ funds for children from their village, those women took the audacious bet to learn the crafting of custom jewelry.

Elodie recruited a professional in order to train them to produce jewels in tagua, which would be designed by her. Then she came back to France and started participating in markets to test the potential for the creation of an ethical brand of her. Success was immediate! Elodie and Jean-Philippe – her partner – invested themselves a lot to create various ranges of custom jewelry, aiming it to be original and fashion.

Une association en toute transparence

In 2016, after 5 years into this adventure, Elodie and Jean-Philippe decided to pass the torch to Cécilia Chatenoud, a dynamic and committed young woman. With the support of Sylvie and Laurent (her husband), she continues to keep the brand alive.

Every 6 months, the team fly to Ecuador in order to create beautiful ranges of custom jewels with the women from the community. It is therefore with passion they breathe life inspire NODOVA with values of sharing and solidarity.

NODOVA’s fight is to prove people can wear jewels that are fashionable and ethical at the same time. Our deepest wish is to change today women’s purchase habits to bring them to enjoy themselves in a responsible manner.