Dessin d'enfants

Yes, you read this right: the distinctive characteristic of NODOVA's jewellery is to be made from a seed called tagua.

Coming from a palm tree (Phytelephas), the tagua – more commonly named “vegetable ivory” – grows on the cost of Ecuador and also in the Amazonian Forest.

Une association en toute transparence

Once the palm tree fruit – the Mococha – is ripe, it falls down and releases the tagua seeds.

Collected, the seeds are then dried under the sun (yes, we let them get a tan), to then being worked as the wood, which allows us to cut and shape them the way we want.

Dessin d'enfants

Once polished, the vegetable ivory is tinted using food pigments, allowing us to offer a large range of colours on each collection.

So, our jewellery is 100% natural and is an alternative against the hunt of elephants, walruses, or whales, coveted for their ivory…

Ho and one last thing: apart from being natural, do you know our jewellery is 100% handmade ?