It is through wanderings on the other side of the world, meeting inspiring people and discovering fascinating cultures that we become aware of the potential of our action to change the world.

The genesis of the ethical brand NODOVA is part of this dynamic, with an idea that begins to germinate in the heart of the Andean Alps, during a humanitarian trip at the end of 2009. Elodie Guillerm, founder, will meet Kishwa children and women there living in precariousness. She then wanted to make a contribution, help Andean women find a stable source of income and finance the education of the children from their village. She then invested her student loan to train them in the creation of costume jewellery in tagua, a source of autonomy, financial independence and emancipation.

From an idea born out of her artistic sensibility, a piece is imagined, drawn, thought out in her daily life and then manufactured by Andean women in their independent cooperative.



Elodie's adventure continued until 2016, before Cécilia Puichaud, a dynamic and committed young woman, took up the torch with the desire to explore new inspirations while consolidating the ethical and solidarity raison d'être of NODOVA. NODOVA's costume jewellery in tagua (vegetable ivory) features new colours (capsules in the natural colour of the seed) and is oriented towards a finer design with attention to detail and a premium finish to enhance your outfits. She is also working to develop scholarships for Kishwa children. Thus, in 2018, the number of child scholarship recipients rose to 45.

Cécilia and her team go to Ecuador every six months to celebrate the handmade, promote artisanal work, imagine ethical and chic artefacts and discuss with the women of the cooperative. It is also an opportunity to meet the scholarship children and organise an afternoon of fun and games with them.



In 2021, NODOVA is still evolving and becomes “Made in France”! The pieces of tagua are still worked in Ecuador, and are now assembled in our workshop in Perigord, in the South West of France. This is the culmination of Cécilia's vision: unique pieces of tagua, assembled in France with noble and quality materials (recycled silver, gold-plated, etc.).

Today, the NODOVA team is working, on a daily basis, to design and offer chic jewellery in tagua to active consumers through a human, horizontal, collaborative production that respects the Human and the environment, where each piece has a face, a story, in order to help Ecuadorian women and children.

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