Nodova, an ethical brand that celebrates the “Made in France”

All our jewellery is now assembled in our workshop, in the heart of Perigord, in the South West of France. Each piece is the result of a human, ethical and fair production, both in Périgord and in the Andean Alps, in Ecuador. Nodova is also a horizontal organisation where listening, sharing and mutual aid drive a collaborative effort that results in unique pieces in tagua.

Chic jewellery from a meticulous artisanal production

From the Ecuadorian Andean Alps to our beloved Perigord, each Nodova jewel is the result of a well organised manufacturing process. Each Nodova creation begins with the meticulous search for materials that align with strict and rigorous quality standards: respect for the environment and people, with sustainable, natural and/or recycled materials.

Manufactured according to the rules of the art, Nodova jewellery has a one-year warranty, with the possibility of repairing it after this period. Each piece finally compensates the work of Kishwas women at its fair value to realise the social commitment of our company.

Our social mission, on a daily basis

Nodova works, humbly and on her own scale, to improve the living conditions of Kishwa women and children. The work of the tagua is a source of autonomy, financial independence and emancipation for these women. Children in the village receive aid and scholarships through the Avenir Nodova association. Each year, Cécilia and her team travel to Ecuador to promote artisanal work, imagine chic and ethical artefacts and organise an afternoon of celebration and games for women and children.

At Nodova, we finally claim our proximity to our dear customers who benefit from our full attention and to whom we devote all of our time.

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