The triple inspiration of NODOVA jewellery

The design of NODOVA jewellery draws its inspiration from a triptych: the original beauty of Nature, the character, determination and courage of these strong Women who have left their mark on History, and fashion trends. The design of NODOVA jewellery is made in France, in the heart of Périgord, with the active participation of the entire team. Each new NODOVA collection is an opportunity to further explore the aesthetic potential of tagua in terms of sculpture, engraving, colour and combination of materials. The selection of sketches as well as the various feasibility tests (prototyping) of the tagua pieces are carried out with the participation of the team in Ecuador.

The meticulous and collaborative handwork of tagua in Ecuador

Perfected by years of work, the know-how of the women of the cooperative in Ecuador is visible on every NODOVA piece. They are used daily to prune the seed, dry the pieces of tagua in the sun and then polish it (no resin on top). After a long journey from their native Ecuador, the tagua pieces are assembled in France and give birth to NODOVA jewellery.

The assembly in the NODOVA workshop, in Périgord

All NODOVA jewellery is assembled in our workshop, in France, by the expert hands of our team. Each NODOVA piece is the result of a human, ethical, fair and collaborative production, both in our dear Périgord and in the Andean Alps, in Ecuador. Each NODOVA creation begins with the meticulous search for sustainable, natural and/or recycled materials, which align with rigorous quality standards, with respect for people and their environment.

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