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CIEL Collection

JULY 2022

Discover the new NODOVA collection, inspired by the sky and astronomy. Sun, star, cloud, moon, the tagua slats have been finely cut, tinted and mounted on Venetian chains to offer fine, colourful and original designs.

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ROSES Collection

MAY 2022

Celebrate the return of sunny days with this magnificent Roses collection. Available in 2 variants (silver or pink gold), and in 3 shades of tagua (red, pink or white), the delicacy of the working on the seed makes it jewels as luminous as they are elegant.

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CHANCE Collection

MARCH 2022

"Lucky charm" symbol, the 4-leaf clover finely carved in the tagua seed, is worthily represented in the Chance collection. A pretty adornment to celebrate the arrival of spring.

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GOUTTE Collection


Nature is so inspiring! Here is the “Goutte” (translates as “Waterdrop”) Collection, hand-carved in the seed of Tagua, its shape and its ecological design bring you a little closer to nature.

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BEAUVOIR Collection


Tagua (vegetable ivory) is expressed with panache in this new collection dedicated to the memory of Simone de Beauvoir.
Enhance your look during the holiday season while expressing your ethical convictions.

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RENOUVEAU Collection


Subtle, refined and sophisticated, the jewellery from this collection are an ode to a certain elegance and delicacy respecting the environment (quality and/or recycled materials). Simple and minimalist, the Renouveau (translates as “Renew”) Collection aims to be timeless.

Discover the
GINKGO Collection


This collection celebrates the leaf from the Maidenhair Tree, a majestic tree that shines during Autumn thanks to its dazzling yellow foliage. Hung to a long or medium necklace, the Ginkgo leaf will highlight your outfits for this end of year.

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