SOREN Earrings
SOREN Earrings
SOREN Earrings

SOREN Earrings


SOREN earrings are made of 2 light saucer-shaped pieces of vegetal ivory, mounted on a long hook made of silver.

Those very nice earrings are as well 100% handmade by our cooperative of women in Ecuador, and by purchasing them you help financing scholarships for children from their village.

  • Caramel/Café (D77)
  • Terre de Sienne/Rouge (D60)
  • Gris/Rose poudré (D45)
  • Naturel/Gris Taupe (D68)
  • Fuchsia/Violet Foncé (D48)
  • Orange/Fuchsia (D76)
  • Bleu Marine/Fuchsia Foncé (D59)
  • Zébré
  • Anis/Turquoise (D67)
  • Orange/Corail (D47)
  • Vert Menthe/Naturel (D75)
  • Jaune Acide/Rouge Écarlate (D57)
  • Saphir/Turquoise (D39)
  • Rose Clair/Kaki (D65)
  • Jaune Acide/Bleu Denim (D46)
  • Grège/Rouge Sombre (D74)
  • Vert Olive/Jaune Safran (D56)
  • Lilas/Bleu Saphir (D81)
  • Orange Cuit/Bleu Violacé (D64)
  • Naturel/Gris (D25)
  • Curry/Gris Charbon (D72)
  • Rouge/Café (D52)
  • Curry/Chocolat (D80)
  • Gris Taupe/Gris Charbon (D63)
  • Grège/Chrome (D33)
  • Coquelicot/Rouge (D8)
  • Pétrole/Crème (D71)
  • Café/Terracotta (D51)
  • Noir/Caramel (D79)
  • Gris Charbon/Bleu Céleste (D62)
  • Café/Chocolat (D44)
  • Fuchsia/Lie de Vin (D34)
  • Bleu Marine/Bleu Lilas (D53)
  • Vert d'Eau/Terracotta (D50)

NODOVA is spoiling you

Handmade packaging…

...adapted to your jewellery, accompanied by an explanatory card.

Free delivery…

...from 150€ of purchase in Europe.

A key ring offered...

...with your first order, a tagua petal to complete it with each new order.

A team at your disposal… advise you, by email or phone.

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